Slovan Bratislava 2016

The very well-known and the most popular Slovak football club - Slovan Bratislava was established shortly after the First World War and the emergence of Czechoslovak Republic on 3rd May 1919 as I. Czechoslovak sport club of Bratislava. Ten years after its founding, I. Čs.Š.K. Bratislava was clearly dominating in Slovakia and was often competing with strong opponents from Central Europe.

Slovan Bratislava, with a sky-blue color of the jerseys started winning the most valuable trophies at the turn of the 20th and 30th years of the 20th century. Slovan was a national champion of Slovakia four times and received twice the title of the amateur champion of Czechoslovakia. What should be mentioned as well is a legendary victory 8:1 over professional football players from the English Newcastle United in May 1929 in Bratislava. Between the years 1939-1945, Slovan playing with a name SK Bratislava, won four championship titles and was clearly the best team in Slovakia.

On 21 May 1969 Slovan Bratislava defeated FC Barcelona in the 1969 European Cup Winners' Cup Final by a score of 3–2.