ETO FC Győr 2016

ETO FC Győr is the only one club in Hungarian history which attended Champions League ancestor game, the Champions Club Cup and marched until semifinal game.

Football club Győr is one of the few teams, which continuously member of the first class teams in Hungary for more than 50 years. The sporting organization received its first championship winning title in 1963, and after this celebration they set off to win over Europe. After won over German team Leipzig, Bulgarian team Sofia and Dutch team Amsterdam they met with Benfica in Champions Club Cup Final, but green-whites lost the game in the semi-final. This era ETO won Hungarian Cup four times one year after the other (in 1965, 1966, 1967, 2013).

One of the main players of the team was Mr. Karoly Palotai, who became world famous referee after finishing his football career. He directed five European Cup finals, attended 3 world championships, and was the world’s most successful referee of Olympic game winner players.

The next great era started for the team in 1979 when they won on Hungarian People’s Republic Cup, but after the cup winning beginning of 80s was the best performance of ETO. They wrote history with headcoach József Verebes, and more than 20.000 fans came to the Stadium week-by week to see the green-white team. ETO became national championship winner two times (in 1982 and in 1983) and the team scored more than 100 goals. That time national team prepared for world championship and played 1-1 with Kaiserslautern and in the same time ETO won against the German team for 7-1.

At the middle of 2000s the infrastructure of the club dramatically improved. New Stadium was built for ETO, training field were renewed, a lifestyle centre was opened and a new hotel operates in ETO Park. In the same time results were continual, team started another successful period. Three times became third in Hungarian Championship (in 2008, 2010, 2012) and played against Montpellier and Dinamo Zagreb in UEFA Europe League in play-off, which is the biggest success of the club in past 20 years.