GNK Dinamo Zagreb 2014

In the Croatian Championship that exists since 1992, there have only been five seasons when Dinamo Zagreb did not become the winner. Besides the 15 Croatian Champion, and Croatian Cup title, the team won the Yugoslav championship four times, and the Yugoslav Cup seven times.

The Croatian team is successful on the international stage as well: in 1967 it won the City Fairs Cup, which was considered to be the predecessor of UEFA Cup and the European League, however the UEFA has never recognised it as that officially. Additionally, Dinamo fans can be proud of the victory achieved in 1976 at the Balkans Cup.

GNK Dinamo Zagreb u16 2014

Throughout history, Dinamo has got into the Champions League group rounds four times: it finished behind Olympiakos and before Porto and Ajax in the first phase of the group rounds in 1998, but according to that system, only two teams finishing at second place could proceed besides the first teams, so in this ranking they became only the sixth.

After this, the team managed to get into the CL group rounds three more times, and as we can see from the above, they are regular participants of several European cup series.

A Dinamo Zagreb made contract with one of the brightest stars in Croatian football, Luka Modric – now playing at Real Madrid -, when he was 16. The midfielder scored 31 goals on 112 matches until 2008, when he transferred to Tottenham, from where his way led to the Spanish squad. he shot the fastest penalty in the history of European championships: as player of Dinamo, he was successful against the Turkish team in Austria in the 4th minute. 

Győri ETO FC and Dinamo Zagreb have already met at international cup stage, not a long time ago: in the last qualification rounds of 2010/11 European League Dinamo said farewell to ETO with a double victory.  The young players of Dinamo conquered everybody in Europe last season, since the winner of the Nike Cup in the 15-year-old age group was the Zagreb team – that is, the boys who are coming to the Audi Cup in September.