SK Slavia Praha 2014

Slavia Praha is one of the most successful club of Czech Republic, and they have strong reserves base because of their old traditional club culture. The club was founded by the students of the University of Prague, and that is why the club is committed to support students’ football.

Slavia Praha u16 2014

Squad of Prague started to rise in 1905, when Scottish trainer John William Madden arrived to them. He played earlier at Celtic and he brought new tactical elements to the game and founded the Scottish mentality in Prague. He spent twenty-five years and managed 600 matches at the club, the team of red-whites reached 75% of wins that time.

Later Slavia became the main team of Czechoslovakia, and the time when National team of the country played International Championship in 1934 in Italy, eight players of the team were on the pitch of silver medal winner team. One of them was famous goalkeeper Antonin Puc, his shirt number was the legendary 1 of Slavia, and he was the main goalkeeper of the National team for more than a decade. Next golden age of the team was in the beginning of the 40s. They won all championship matches from 1940 until 1943.

At the beginning of the 90s famous players arrived to the team like Vladimir Smicer, Karel Poborsky or Patrik Berger, so in 1996 Slavia won the 11th national championship. After this period they played semi-final in UEFA Cup, but finally team of Bordeaux stopped the red-whites. In 2007 Slavia beat Ajax Amsterdam and Monaco and arrived to CL group stage, but finally Sevilla and Arsenal finished before them. In the same time they were Czechoslovakian and Czech champions and title holders 16 times.

Team colours of Slavia Praha are red and white. Colour white means the Olympic mentality and fair play, colour red symbolizes the heart and the tireless fight for winning. The symbol red start on the shirt is allegoric meaning of the hope and will.