FC Barcelona 2014

FC Barcelona is the world famous football team in Catalonis, established in 1899, presently the title holder of the Spanish football championship.

The team is mainly called Barca, their shirt colours at home are granet-red and blue. During the 113 years, they have won the Spanish first class championship (La Liga) 22 times, the Spanish King Cup (Copa del Rey) 26 times and the Spanish Super Cup (Supercopa de Espana) 11 times. Besides these they have been European Cup CL winners four times.

FC Barcelona u16 2014

A significant figure of the club was László Kubala, who achieved great success with Barca in the 50s. The legendary Hungarian player later became coach at the Catalan club. He is still one of the greatest personalities in the club’s history, even having a statue of him in the central spot of Camp Nou, the Barca Stadium.

The typical tactic with a lot of passes, with which they have been still really successful, was established by Johann Cruyff. barca won the Champion Teams European Cup for the first time under his direction.

The Cruyff-style was perfected by Josep Guardiola, who became head coach in 2008. He spent four years on the Catalan bench, and during this period won the CL twice, the Spanish championship three times, and the Spanish Cup twice again.  

The greatest star of the club is definitely Lionel Messi.  The club made contract with him, when he was 13, and besides this helped in his hormonal problems by financing the treatment.  Since then, he has become one of the greatest players in the world, winning the golden ball award (Ballon d’Or) four times. Considering every ranked matches, he has scored 313 goals on 379 games. A six-times Spanish Champion, and three-times CL winner.