Lillestrom SK 2013

The Norwegian team of Lilleström celebrated its 96th anniversary this April. Although in Norway Rosenborg is the most significant team, Lilleström has also achieved nice results: it has won the Norwegian football championship five times, last time in 1989. There is no lack of silver medals either: the yellow-black team has come second eight times, last time in 2001. They have also won the Norwegian Cup five times: after the two-two victories in the 70s and 80s, Lilleström became cup winner again in 2007.

Lilleström U16 2013

The team has appeared in European cup series several times, although it could reach the group rounds only once, in the 1996/97 UEFA Intertoto Cup.

One of the most famous player of the team was Henning Berg, who appeared in the Norwegian national eleven 100 times. He played at Lilleström only for one season, but from 2009 to 2011 he was trainer at the club.  Fans of European football know him mainly from Manchester United, where he stepped on pitch 66 times at champion matches.

Lilleström, having a stadium of 12 thousand capacity, finished at the ninth place in the last Norwegian championship, and in this season they are at the 11th place on the table.