Benfica won the Audi Cup

2014.09.07 15:35

After Partizan Beograd, TSG Hoffenheim and FC Barcelona, the Portuguese star team triumphed at the fourth tournament

The IV. Audi Hungaria ETO U16 international football tournament ended with the success of SL Benfica after the Lisbon team defeated FC Barcelona in the finals. Although the first goal was scored by the Catalans, the Portuguese could turn the match round with the hat-trick of Jose Gomes, the best player in the tournament and the team won by 4-1.

The third place was decided in dramatic circumstances, since within the regular time first the Partizan Beograd, then the Dinamo Zagreb had advantage, but both teams managed to equalize, so after the 2-2, the match had to be decided with penalties. The hero here was Dinko Horkas who first of all scored his penalty kick, then saved not less than four times. If it had been up to him, the duel would have been decided sooner, but Zagreb also missed three penalties, thus the seventh round decided the battle. The top scorer in the tournament Sandro Kulenovic also comes from Dinamo Zagreb. He scored goals on every match and finally 5 goals could be written by his name.

Győri ETO FC missed the fifth place in similar circumstances, so after a long time (since 1594) again the Turkish won in the capital of the Small Plain. There was no result during regular time and Besiktas carried out the penalties more accurately, so they won by 4-3. A team also from Group B finished at the seventh place: Rapid Wien defeated the Czech Slavia Parha by 2-1.

On the whole, the tournament brought excellent matches, 2500 spectators watched the Győri ETO FC - FC Barcelona match and thanks to Sports Television, the bronze match and the final was seen by even more. Scouts from all over Europe came to the tournament, so we can be sure to see some of the young players who stepped on pitch here in the Champions′ League or in adult national teams in a few years.

The detailed result list:

Group A

FK Partizan Beograd -Slavia Praha 1-0    

FC Barcelona - Győri ETO FC 1-0              

Győri ETO FC - FK Partizan Beograd 0-2         

Slavia Praha - FC Barcelona 0-4       

Győri ETO FC - Slavia Praha 1-0     

FK Partizan Beograd - FC Barcelona 2-3  

Final result: 1. FC Barcelona 9p  2. Partizan Beograd 6p  3. Győri ETO FC 3p  4. Slavia Praha 0p 

Group B

SL Benfica - Besiktas 1-0  

GNK Dinamo Zagreb - SK Rapid Wien 2-0              

GNK Dinamo Zagreb - Besiktas 3-3

SL Benfica - SK Rapid Wien 4-0             

SK Rapid Wien - Besiktas 1-1   

SL Benfica - GNK Dinamo Zagreb 1-1        

Final result: 1. SL Benfica 7p  2. Dinamo Zagreb 5p  3. Besiktas JK 2p  4. Rapid Wien 1p


The match of the two fourth teams for the seventh place:


The match of the two third teams for the fifth place:

GYŐRI ETO FC - BESIKTAS JK 0-0 (penalties 3-4)

The match of the two second teams for the bronze medal:


The final match of the two group winners: