Fehér Miklós Football Academy

Fehér Miklós Football Academy has been operating since 2007. Its main task is to create a stable ground for the youth players in Győri ETO FC. To implement this, first of all the academy provides modern, well-equipped accommodation, satisfying all needs for those talented players, who live far from Győr. Compared to  other similar dormitories, the greatest advantage of ETO Academy is that the education takes place on the same site. Thus it is possible to form a working schedule that can fully be adapted to the increased training time of the athlete students at the club. Fehér Miklós Secondary School and Dormitory was established exactly for this reason. It provides secondary education for 300 students, altogether. The students have five grades to complete, since in the first year we focus on languages, this is a language preparatory class. Our strive to provide the best has been successful, since Fehér Miklós Academy has won the title of Hungary’s best elite academy two times.

Fehér Miklós Football Academy disposes well-equipped classrooms, that could be occupied by the young In 2011 in its final place on the 3rd floor of ETO Park shopping centre. The rooms essential for the school were built in an area of 1000 m². Naturally there are IT rooms and interactive blackboards, but unlike at other schools, the academy has a private dining room, where the athletes can have their meals in relaxed conditions between the lessons and the trainings.

An important part of the education program is the football complex, which includes the training pitches, the indoor turfed chambers, the fitness room and judo room for the additional trainings and of course the rehabilitation centre, which is important in the case of possible injuries. Since every team has their own dressing room, comfort aspects are satisfactory as well.

The dormitory rooms are formed for 2, or 3 people for those who live far from Győr, and we have our own kitchen to provide sufficient meals for the athletes. All these can be found within the ETO Park complex, thus even the farthest points are not further than a five minute walk from each other.

Students can study at a 5-graded secondary school at the academy. The first year is a language preparatory class. This is important for several reasons, but first of all, because it is obvious that not everyone will become a top athlete, thus primary aim is to provide an education for the young that they can use in their sports career, as well as in other areas of life if they decide so in the future.

The education is quite special, since trainings are built in the timetable. This means, that e.g. after the first two lessons there is a football training until noon, followed by lessons again and in the afternoon there is another football training. For the students at the academy these five years does not only mean school, but a lifestyle rather where everything starting from studying, through sports and spending the free time is assigned to support their progress in the football pitch ideally.