Cup history

ETO FC Győr and Audi Hungaria Motor Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement in 2011, where Audi Hungaria agreed to support football in Győr - especially the junior and pre-academy training. The ETO U16 FOOTBALL CUP is one result of this collaboration, where the 16 age group can compare their strength and knowledge at a prestigious event every year. This year ETO can organize the international tournament on its own.

The aim of the tournament is to enhance ETO's presence in the international circulation. Naturally, the junior teams have training matches with the teams of neighbouring countries during a season, but on this event we can meet teams from the leading countries of Europe as well. The competition also has significant professional and image values, since besides giving the possibility for the Győr players to play against prominent European teams, the visitors shall carry the reputation of the town all around Europe.

In 2011 four teams participated at the tournament, in 2012 this doubled to eight. Besides the host, ETO FC Győr, German, English, Norwegian, Slovak, Czech, Serbian and Austrian teams have attended so far in the past two years, and in 2013 there are more nations to join the competition. The winner of the Cup was Partizian Beograd in the first year, and TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in the 2012.

Az eddigi győztesek:

2011. Partizan Beograd (serbia)

2012. TSG Hoffenheim (germany)

2013. FC Barcelona (spain)

2014. SL Benfia (portugal)